St John's Church, Stratford, E15
St John's Church, Stratford, London E15

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David Driscoll becomes Priest in Charge at St John's
General Election:
Ronald Leighton, Labour, Newham North East.
Arthur Lewis, Labour, Newham North West.
Nigel Spearing, Labour, Newham South.
Margaret Thatcher (Conservative) becomes Britain's first woman Prime Minister.

Earl Mountbatten is assassinated by Irish terrorists.

Robert Wiggs becomes curate at St John's

Anne Easter becomes Deaconess
Former Beatle John Lennon is shot dead outside his New York apartment.

Southern Rhodesia becomes Zimbabwe, an independent nation.

MS-DOS computer operating system introduced

Ronald Reagan becomes President of The United States

The Thames barrier was raised for the first time.

Falklands conflict

Robert Wiggs leaves St John's for East Ham (external link)

John Richardson becomes Curate
Queen Mary's Hospital, the oldest voluntary hospital in West Ham, finally closes.
Lost Hospitals Of London

General Election:
Ronald Leighton, Labour, Newham North East.
Anthony Banks, Labour, Newham North West
Nigel Spearing, Labour, Newham South.
US invasion of Grenada

£25 million in gold bars is robbed from the Brinks Mat warehouse at London's Heathrow Airport.

The 'Chelmsford Episcopal Area' scheme is officially inaugurated.
The Apple Macintosh goes on sale

Britain agrees to give control of Hong Kong back to China in 1997.

Newham Maternity Hospital, in Forest Lane, closes.
Lost Hospitals Of London
Two simultaneous 'Live Aid' concerts, one in London and one in Philadelphia, raises over £50 million for famine victims in Africa.

Windows computer system introduced

The Rt. Rev. John Waine becomes the Bishop of Chelmsford.
Chernobyl nuclear disaster

The Australia Bill, signed by the Queen, severs all constitutional ties with Britain.

Anne Easter is made Parish Deacon
The worst hurricane on record to hit British soil strikes southern England causing much damage and killing 17.

Great Britain and the European Ryder Cup Team defeat the US for the first time on American soil.

'Black Monday' on Wall Street, and its ripple effect, wipe out millions on markets around the world.

Charlie Chaplin's bowler and cane are sold at Christies in London for £82,500. His boots go for £38,500.

Pastoral Order alters the boundaries of the parishes of 'St. John and Christchurch, Stratford with St. James, Forest Gate' and 'St. Saviour, Forest Gate with St. Matthew, West Ham' SEAX (external link)
British Rail, still committed to a southern route for international trains through Kent and into Waterloo, announce a possible series of locations for a second Channel Tunnel terminal, north of the Thames. One of the options is Stratford. Although King's Cross is selected, this begins a campaign, in Stratford, to make the case for a Eurostar station and terminus on the Rail Lands.
The Cardinal of Turin, Italy, confirmed that scientific tests had dated the origin of the famous Shroud of Turin to around 1260 to 1390.
Digital cellular phones invented

The Bank of England replaced pound notes with pound coins.

Anne Easter leaves St John's to become Area Dean of Newham and later Chaplain to The Queen
Pope John Paul II and President Gorbachev end a 70 year cold war between the Roman Catholic Church and the Soviet Union.
Fall of the Berlin wall

Nick Faldo becomes the first Englishman to win The Masters.

George Herbert Walker Bush becomes President of The United States

US Invasion of Panama

US TV preacher, Jim Bakker, sentenced to 45 years and fined $500,000 for swindling his followers out of millions.

David Richards becomes Priest in Charge at St John's

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