St John's Church, Stratford, E15
St John's Church, Stratford, London E15

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Allan Weir becomes vicar of St John's.
Vicarage Lane Mission destroyed by bombing
Manilla is captured by the Japanese.

Singapore surrenders to Japan.

Bataan surrenders to Japan.

U.S. carrier based aircraft bomb Tokyo.

The Allies win the Battle of the Coral Sea.

The Japanese take Corregidor

The Japanese eastward expansion ends with their defeat in The Battle of Midway.

German troops seize Tobruk, the British stop the Germans at El Alamein.

U.S. marines land on Guadalcanal.

Allied forces land in North Africa & British troops capture Tobruk.

Russians counterattack in Stalingrad.

St Stephen Mission Church, Cedars Road closed due to bombing
Axis resistance in Africa ends.

The Japanese lose the Battle of the Bismarck Sea. Japanese troops retreat across the Yangtze River in China.

The Allies invade Sicily and land in Italy. Italy signs an armistice with the Allies in secret.

Russia retakes Kiev from the Germans.

Italy declares war on Germany.

U.S. marines invade Tarawa and Makin in the Pacific.

"The Friends of St. John the Evangelist, Stratford" formed to keep those evacuated and bombed out of their homes in touch with each other and with the church.
St Aidan Mission Church, Ward Road closed due to bombing

St Mark Mission Church, Windmill Lane sold to Methodists
Russians break the siege of Leningrad.

Germans blitzkrieg Hungary.

Japanese troops cross into India.

The Allies land in Normandy.

B-29 bombers raid Japan.

The Germans send V-1 guided missiles across the Channel, bombing London.

U.S. wins the Battle of the Philippine Sea.

Allies land in southern France.

U.S. troops break out of Normandy.

Germany begins the Battle of the Bulge, the Allies halt their offensive in 10 days.

U.S. Pacific Fleet wins the Battle for Leyte Gulf, decisively.

Holy Trinity Mission Church, Oxford Road closed due to bombing
St Pauls Church, Stratford New Town, destroyed by a German Rocket.

General Election:
Percy Daines, Labour Co-operative, East Ham North.
Alfred John Barnes, Labour Co-operative, East Ham South.
Frederick Elwyn Jones, Labour, Plaistow.
Louis Comyns, Labour, Silvertown.
Henry Nicholls, Labour, Stratford West Ham.
Arthur Lewis, Labour, Upton.
Clement Attlee (Labour) becomes Prime Minister.

The first atomic bomb is test detonated in New Mexico at Los Alamos.

Harry S. Truman becomes president as a result of the death of President Franklin Roosevelt.

Berlin surrenders to the Russians.

Germany surrenders to the Allies.

President Harry S. Truman authorizes the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan

Japanese sign the terms for surrender. Their forces in China and Southeast Asia surrender.

World War II finally ends

National Health Service founded

Chant Square Mission Hall closed due to damage caused by bombing
St Agatha's Womens Refuge moves to 73 Carnarvon Road, Forest Gate.

Central Line opened, Liverpool Street to Stratford.
Television licenses were issued in Britain for the first time.

The first of the Dead Sea Scrolls are discovered.

World Council of Churches organised.
India is divided into India (Hindu) and Pakistan (Muslim) and both achieve independence

Herbert Reseigh becomes vicar of Christchurch
World Council of Churches convenes in Amsterdam as a "fellowship of churches which confess Jesus Christ as God and Savior."
The Representation of the People Act 1948 abolishes plural voting, university constituencies and the few remaining two member constituencies.

Harry S. Truman is elected president of the United States.

BBC radio's first weather report is broadcast.

Donald A Rooke becomes vicar of St John's

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