St John's Church, Stratford, E15
St John's Church, Stratford, London E15

 What Was Happening ?

At St John's
In & Around Stratford
In The Church
In The World

Charles Nicoll becomes curate of St John's.
Stratford, and West Ham, are added to the Metropolitan Police District.
Introduction of penny post

William Henry Harrison is elected president of the United States.

Population of West Ham is 12,738.

Forest Gate Station opens.
Sir Robert Peel (Conservative) becomes Prime Minister

The first census to list every individual by name was taken.

The first issue of 'Punch' is published in London.

Enon Strict Baptist chapel, Chapel Street, later to be used as the Stratford ragged school, opened.

Frederick William IV of Prussia visits Elizabeth Fry at The Cedars in Portway.
Mines Acts forbade the employment of women and children in the mines

The Treaty of Nanking ends the 'Opium War', granting important trading rights in China to Britain.

Queen Victoria travels by train for the first time.

Harry Rickards (external link), comedian and theatre proprietor, born in Stratford.
The Tivoli Pleasure Gardens, Copenhagen, are opened for the first time.

House of Commons Select Committee on the Smoke Nuisance recommends all manufacturers be removed to a distance of 5 to 6 miles from city centres.

Charles Dicken's 'A Christmas Carol' published.

August 20, Stratford becomes a Conventional District.
Gerard Manley Hopkins (external link) born in The Grove, Stratford.

West Ham Tabernacle, West Ham Lane, built.
Factory Act limited working hours for women and children in factories

Metropolitan Buildings Act.

James K. Polk is elected president of the United States.

Elizabeth Fry dies at The Cedars, Portway.
First Oxford-Cambridge boat race rowed on the Thames.

Elastic bands patented by Stephen Perry of the London Rubber Company.

The Gutta Percha Co. established at Stratford.

C. J. Mare & Co. (later the Thames Ironworks, Shipbuilding, and Engineering Co.) Shipyard opened in Canning Town.
January 1st, The whole of Essex except the Deanery of Barking is transferred to the diocese of Rochester. Barking Deanery remains in London.
Lord John Russell (Whig) becomes Prime Minister

Eastern Counties Railway works established in Stratford.

Stratford to North Woolwich railway opens.

Construction of Hudson Town, now Stratford New Town, begins.
Ten Hours Act: Cuts factory work day to ten hours for women and children

Education Act Improved teachers' pay and provided money for non-conformist schools

William Hillman, founder of the Hillman Motor Company, born in Chapel Street, Stratford.
The French Revolution begins.

Chartists bring two million signatures to London demanding political and social reforms.

Cholera epidemic kills 62,000 Britons.

The patent for the saxophone is awarded to Adolphe Sax.

Original Holdich organ installed on the West Gallery.
The Pawnbrokers' alms-houses, Woodgrange Road, built in Forest Gate.
Britain annexes the Punjab

The 'Florin', or two-shilling piece, now the 10p piece, is first minted.

Walter Hunt invents the safety pin

Christ Church National school, Stratford, built in Union Street.

West Ham Gutta Percha Co. established, on the site of the old parish workhouse in Abbey Road.
Charles Dickens publishes David Copperfield.

The Channel telegraph cable was laid between Dover and Cap Gris Nez.

William Holloway becomes Perpetual Curate of St John's

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